I trying to cool down my xbox360 with pc fans and i need a little help with something

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Mar 27, 2007
  1. Hello, I am going to cool down my xbox 360, becuase it heats up like a mofo. If I want to I can leave it on for like 30min in the morning and cook me some breakfeast on it. I am tired of it locking up 30 min or 45 min into game play. I dont have a warranty and thats why I am going to mod it. I have four LED pc fans and i want to put them on my 360, by cutting out holes and mounting them on, so they can suck out all the hot air. Now I Have these fans and I want them to run on there own power supply.How would i do that? I dont want them running off the 360 becuase that will kill it.So any body knows how to make these bad boys run of a wall adapter or something?

    check out my high tech blue prints. thanks :)

  2. MetalX

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    I see that you have posted the same thread 3 times. This is not Myspace where you may spam as you wish. See that you do not do it again.

    ... All you need for the fans to run on a wall outlet is a 12V DC converter. You just have to wire the fans to it, and they will run on the 12V that is provided by said converter.
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    My computer was lagging so i triple click the post button and it posted that sucker three times, when i thought it posted it once
  4. Supra

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    Have you ever opened your 360? I highly doubt putting the fans where you show will even work. The best thing to do is replace the crap that Microsoft uses for thermal paste on the CPU and GPU with some nice Arctic Silver 5 and if that isnt enough try to double up the fans on the rear to pull more air thru.
  5. MetalX

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    Just get one of those aftermarket things that they have at like EBGames. They're like 3 fans that fit on the back to cool it down.
  6. HPCE_Larry

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    Supra and Metalx's ideas will work better than trying to put fans there. I highly doubt that will work. Thermal paste is cheap, use it. I would get the panel that you are going to cut off the 360 or you risk damaging it. Use a dremel with a cutting attachment to cut it.
  7. rockerbmg666

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    cool, I didnt think of that
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