Intel D946GZIS slow boot

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Jun 6, 2008
  1. Hi all, its been awhile since my last post.

    now im back with one weird problem...

    last 3 months, my desktop makes 3 beeps during boot and it does not want to start as expected. i reseated RAM and some peripherals inside the case. it works fine after for 2 months.

    then the problem persisted, this time, im away, so my bro brought it to nearby computer shop and they say it's probably the dust. works fine after.

    today i re-organize my entire desktop table which is full of mess. after putting everything neatly in its place. the problem persisted again. i went to check at intel website and they say it should be 64K memory error. then i change the only one RAM stick to another slot. it works fine, but, there's new problem now : the booting process is very slow. it takes 1 solid minute at the Intel logo screen.

    i don;t know what's wrong with the bios settings. i've returned everything to default, do a bios-update, and even reset bios jumper. i don;t know whether i do something wrong today, but i'll appreciate it if somebody share some lights here. Thanks in advance....
  2. kimsland

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  3. nismo91

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    thx for the reply.
    i guess i need to run the memtest again because its been a year since my last run...

    so bad ram can cause slow booting huh?
    maybe i should prepare $$ to get new bigger RAM stick.
  4. cvy

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    Well did you get ur problem solved? coz i got the same problem and dont know
    what to do,,,, I had changed my RAM, but that didnt solve the problem... Also
    my RAM slots looks pretty clean... So i dont think it could be the problem
    with dust accumulation
  5. seanc

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    Do you have 1 long and 2 short beeps? If you do, it's a graphics card issue, assuming AMI follow the same beep scheme as Award.
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