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By ThexDarksider
Aug 4, 2009
  1. I've been experiencing occasional net slowdowns about a month ago, then it stopped happening, and a few days ago it came back. It just slows everything down, I have to refresh pages a couple of times (depending on the size) to completely load, and sometimes it totally blocks whole net. Another thing I've noticed when that starts happening: Windows Firewall asks whether to block or unblock Firefox (didn't try other browsers, and I never use IE). I'm pretty sure this is a conflict between some software or something like that because I'm totally paranoid about getting infected, I don't even visit Wikipedia outside of Sandboxie. I don't use P2P programs (never did, never will, thanks), and everything I download, I get from official pages (mostly freeware, only known software most people have heard of), and I submit every single file to VirusTotal before I run it. However, I wasn't this paranoid when this first happened.
    Also an interesting fact, I don't remember this happening before I installed Comodo firewall, so I'm 99% sure it's some software conflict. I'm pretty sure I'll uninstall AVG LinkScanner because it slows down the net (only reason I keep it is because it once saved my butt from vundo).
    Now back to my problem... When the slowdown starts, I've tried everything (ipconfig with all options one by one and repairing wireless connection - yes I use wireless) and nothing helps except for a simple reboot. When I reboot everything works again like a charm.

    This problem happens like 0 or 1 times a day (never more, that means it's rare). Also I've noticed that it starts happening after a specific period of uptime. Logs are all clean (one tracking cookie, HJT seems fine to me, MBAM log is in Croatian but it's clean). Looking at HJT log, you will notice many entries related to Lenovo or Synaptics. It's because I'm using a laptop with preinstalled Windows.

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this but I couldn't have found anything more appropriate. If it's in a wrong section, a mod should move it. Thanks.

    Another thing: when that slowdown starts happening, MSN messenger isn't experiencing any problems (always works; I didn't try re-logging in) and I have a hunch that IE would work (not sure).

    Any suggestions are welcome. :)
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,126   +982

    monitor the usage; bet the slowdown occur AFTER going into screen saver OR

    1) update the router firmware directly from the vendor's site

    2) update the WiFi driver likewise.

    On your A/V product;
    run only one as an email scanner
    disable LINK scanning
    disable Real Time Scanning​

    On your Firewall
    disable the Windows version
    autostart the Comodo
    put it into Learning Mode​

    Set Firefox to block popups if not already enabled and then ALLOW access to
    programs that you have launched.

    If you have other systems on the router, then you can set the LAN as a trusted zone

    ADD Spywareblaster and update it once/month to control ActiveX

    (you need IE to get updates from Microsoft)
  3. ThexDarksider

    ThexDarksider TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    Ok, I'll try to monitor what's different than before (if anything). Also, the hardware firewall on my router is completely disabled due to my sh*tty ISP, which has cut off like 50% of the options on it.

    And yeah I'll definately uninstall LinkScanner, it's way too slow... Maybe it's responsible for this... Also I tried in IE, it complained a bit too (didn't go to the thing).

    EDIT: Great news guys! :D I seem to have fixed the issue. All I did is uninstalled LinkScanner... AVG is not what it used to be, it's gonna be like Norton soon. ¬_¬

    But anyways! Internet seems relieved now, like I'm surfing for the first time in my life! :D I'm pretty sure I won't have this problem ever again. Unless I reinstall LinkScanner (no thanks, I needed some free disk space anyway :p).

    Thanks for all your help! ^^

  4. kcomodo

    kcomodo TS Rookie


    Thanks, Jobeard.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Common Computing Security Standards forum is working on an incompatibility list. With the list Internet users will be able to check whether any two anti-malware products hinder one another. If you visit the "Trusted Vendors" tab and click on the name of the company, you can see any known incompatibilities.

    There's an address at the bottom of that page to report incompatibilities that you discover.

    As a newcomer I don't believe I can post the URL of the Common Computing Security Standards forum, but major search engines find it easily.

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