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is this a good deal?

By Fly_Guy
Jan 1, 2007
  1. ok this is a barebones system i found on and i want to know what you guys think. the processor looks pretty fast 3.00Ghz for a core duo and only for 199$ :) so just post or message me on hat you think i put the address down on the bottom just check it out.

    web address:
  2. Zippster

    Zippster TS Rookie Posts: 19

    That is a good deal but that is an upgrade kit. You have to buy the
    -Ram sticks
    -Hard Drive and connectors
    -Graphics Card unless using onboard graphics.
    -Operating System.
  3. Jay00001

    Jay00001 TS Rookie

    Is it a good deal? Depends on what you want

    Is what a good deal. I have never found a bare bones on tiger that was better than pickingout the parts you want yourself, espeially if your a gamer
    I just went through their site and bought an 2.4 gHz AMD 64 P4000+ )400nHz, with new motehr board havining PCIe slots which are what you need for fast grahics, 1000 mHz Buss, AMD 64 PC4000 compatible, 700w ps, Graphics with 256 DDR2 and fan using PCIe slot, 4 slots ea able to handle 1 GB DRR P3200 400 mHz, Dolby 7.1 Sound card with 8 channels up to that is, and HDTV out You need to make sure the motehr board can take the CPU. There are lots of 936 socket boards but not all will take an AMD 64 PC 4000+ (can be overclocked is what the + is I think) Your PS should be 700 w or more, your Mother board should have PCIe slots, ISA and PCI be Vista Ready SATA ATX HDTV out, extra USB 2 etc, cant list it all here and all the cables and slots for the components match. If I can take the time to do it anyone can. There are no rebate on the bare bones but I got $240 worth and ended up spending a total of $460 for really fast machine with 1KB of DRR P3200 400 mHz RAM to use in my case with my drives after the mother board blew.

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