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it works fine... for 5 minutes!

By skotters
Jul 13, 2005
  1. i know i'm completely new here but I'm having some issues with my system. i recently got some new parts to rebuild my system, trying to stay on the cheap side and watch my budget. im not a hardcore gamer but i do play some fairly new titles. what i've bought so far: ath. xp2700+, 1gb (2x512) ddr400, radeon 9600pro 256mb agp8x, and a board which is the only part i have not recieved yet.

    yesterday I put my cpu, video, and ram on my dads board just to check things out. everything worked fine. installed the video drivers, etc. installed a couple games, farcry being one, and tested a few things. all was good. well my dad wanted his pc back :mad: . so i took all my parts out and put his back in, (keep in mind i use a wrist grounder or whatever you wanna call it). later on that night I redid the same thing again. i put my parts in, turned it on, did a few things here and there and the thing freezes on me. i had done everything exactly as before. i restart and this time the windows log in screen doesnt show up but just shows a black screen with a mouse pointer. after a couple more attempts i finally get into windows. i do a few things here and there, try to play a game again and it continues to freeze. now it works for around 5-10 minutes and freezes.

    also the fsb is 333 which the mobo supports.

    the only thing that concerns me is the board specs say it supports ddr ram up to 2700... but i'm using ddr 3200... it worked great the first time I used the parts but not now. I dont know a lot when it comes to heating and what not but when I took my heatsink off after the system froze after about 5 minutes the thing was pretty hot. whether that has any effect I dont know. definitely shouldnt overheat considering its a big new fan thats compatible with my cpu. if anybody has an answer i'd really appreciate it... please dont say something with static caused it... thats the last thing i want to hear :( .

  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,277   +566

    You didn't say if you cleaned off the old thermal compound and reapplied fresh Arctic Silver. I'm talking about the CPU to heatsink contact surfaces.
  3. skotters

    skotters TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i didnt have to clean off old thermal compound. the fan is new and has only been used on my cpu... and no i dont have artic silver :(
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