John McAfee found dead in prison after Spanish court allows extradition to US

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What just happened? John McAfee, the eccentric entrepreneur that founded the McAfee antivirus software company in the late 1980s, was found dead in a prison cell on Wednesday in Barcelona, Spain.

According to the Associated Press, a Spanish court had recently ruled that the 75-year-old could be extradited to the United States to face charges of tax evasion.

A statement from the Catalan government notes that prison personnel attempted to revive the man, but were unsuccessful. The statement didn’t name McAfee specifically, but reportedly referenced a 75-year-old US citizen awaiting extradition to America.

McAfee was arrested at an airport in Spain last October. A judge ordered him to be held while awaiting the outcome of the extradition hearing.

The publication didn’t cite a cause of death, but Reuters reports that McAfee apparently hanged himself in his prison cell. He had been indicted on tax evasion charges in Tennessee and was reportedly involved in a cryptocurrency fraud case in New York. He was also a person of interest in a murder investigation in Belize years ago.

Just one week ago, McAfee said on Twitter that the US believes he has hidden crypto. “I have nothing. Yet, I regret nothing,” McAfee concluded in what would be his final tweet.

Image credit Darrin Zammit Lupi, Reuters

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I, mean, a life is lost, but I cannot stop laughing: Microsoft365+MacAfee LIFESAFE (LOL), promo from today:


Quoting Ricky Gervais: "In the end, He didn't kill himself, very much like Jeffrey Epstein"


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Well,......... it was the last item on his bucket list

2045: Shoot neighbor
2046: Flee Country
2047: Start a Bitcoin Scam
2048: Flee another Country
2049: Eat Sh*%
2050: Die

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McAfee didn't kill himself!

How would you know ?

Did he have any reason to live ?

I mean, sure, he didn't always follow the rules, or go by the book (as they say)

In fact, retire to a Spanish Prison was on page 11 of his bucket list

He was not one to go by the numbers

He just randomly checked stuff off on the "to do" list

Or ignored his problems until they went away!
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Well, he did lie about eating his own d*** if Bitcoin didn't hit 1 million USD a piece by 2021. So who knows... :p
He also said he would eat his own shoe if his "team" couldn't crack that iPhone the FBI was trying to get into a few years back. I heard his next proffer was going to involve eating a light bulb if x didn't happen.


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This was just his physical body. After successfully distributing his soul, mind and crypto throughout the world's PCs so thoroughly that they shall never be completely removed, he had achieved the singularity and no longer had need of it.

And if your PC starts acting a little more crazy than normal, now you know what happened.


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On the plus size no more insane reports what brainless he did this time and the next and the next... because it was really getting tiresome.

Honestly it shows how scared he was being deported to the US from Spain which really speaks volumes about US justice system. He choose suicide over becoming destitute which is the worst thing you can do to richie rich person. Worst even than death.