Keyboard has gone berserk

  1. I restarted my laptop, it did some automatic updates, and now my keyboard is very wrong. The backspace button makes the screen go dark, all the letters are wrong (bth volume buttons and the ‘d’ result in a ‘d3’ being typed, ‘j’ ‘6’ ‘y’ and ‘7’ all type out ‘y6j7’ when individually hit, ‘t’ ‘f’ ‘s’ and others don’t type anything. My space bar doesn’t do anything, only my up and right arrows move. I am able to use the on screen keyboard, but that’s just not realistic for everyday use. I checked the language, it’s correct. I tried uninstalling the updates, I ran a virus scan. Nothing is fixing this. I’ve attached a picture of what it looks like when I just type the alphabet out.

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    Keyboard electronics are not robust...typically they are ribbon connectors with very small clamping connections or similar. Moreover, a small amount of coffee or coca cola will do a number on the mechanicals. Some folks 'repair' by cleaning. I would try attaching a USB keyboard and confirming that the keys work that way.. Then I might decide to explore YouTube videos about replacing my keyboard if it is not under warranty.
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    @Cycloid Torus ! Good stuff. Thanks for joining this thread.;)Now we wait for the OP to reply:D

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