lags in mafia game w/9800pro

By Supreet
Jul 10, 2004
  1. Ok, recently got back my 9800pro from RMA, and its working great........playing Splinter Cell @ max settings no lags, played Max Payne2 @ Max settings no lags, played Prince of Persia 3D @ max settings no lags,

    but i dont know why if i try to play Mafia game, it lags like hell..i couldnt even play it @ 1024 res. and forget about AA

    do you guys have any clue..

    here my system specs:-
    WinXp Pro (Build 2600)
    AMD Athlon 2600+ [Barton]
    MSI - KT4V, Motherboard
    ATi Radeon 9800pro, [128mb, 256bit, Sapphire]
    512mb DDR Kingston [PC-2700]
    Onboard Ac97' sound card w/creative 4400 inspire [4.1]
    BenQ 17" inches FLAT, CRT
    350watts PSU

    *Dx 9b is installed

    Any input from you guys will be highly appreciated

    (Indian Gamer)
  2. 012

    012 TS Rookie

    I have noticed a similar problem with planetside and my 9200SE...

    I believe it has something to do with the game not being able to properly adress the AGP bus, look and see if mafia has an update patch and install that. If that does not help then in the ATI controll pannel goto "smart card" (i think) and turn AGP acceleration to off. Restart and run the game that should make the game run better, but remember to turn it back on for other games...

    Hope this helps...
  3. Supreet

    Supreet TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any more ideas guys?

    plz help me out
  4. 012

    012 TS Rookie

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