Laptop keeps shutting down

By newbie techie
Jun 12, 2007
  1. hi all,

    bit of a strange problem. i have an Acer 1362LC laptop and i decided to rebuild my laptop. well when i start the XP install process i get to the screen where i can create the partitions and format the HDD but randonmly the laptop switces off. i have the charger plugged in when doing this and it stills goes off. have removed the ram modules and tried the install with i=each slot on its own in different slots and also tried the install while only running off the charger(removed the battery). i get no warning when the laptop shuts down.

    any ideas??????????
  2. colin321

    colin321 TS Rookie


    hi Im newby and feel like a fish out of water have no tech know how jus looing for infomation
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