Laptop not even starting

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Jan 16, 2009
  1. I was on my computer this morning and bumped into it causing it to go into hybernation. Upon waking it up, I logged back in and contuined to look around online. That is untill it shut down out of the blue. I pushed the button and restarted it, logging back in. The wallpaper came up as well as the icons, but then the laptop shut down again out of the blue. I went to turn it on a third time and it didn't even start. The battery was indicated as being charged to about 67%. Is it dead? Well, I know it's dead, but do you think it's perminatly dead?
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    There's a problem with your hard drive. You can try and delete the HYBERFIL.SYS and see if that fixes it. When hard drives go wonky, Windows will shut down to protect itself. If deleting that file works, do a repair on your hard drive with chkdsk.
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    Probably should read above :rolleyes:
    It doesn't turn on :mad:

    starcutie08 Please refer to the guide as previously stated
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    kimsland, thank you very much for the information. I have yet to get home to try it as I have been at work all day.
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    starcutie08, i'd like to hear exact laptop make/model.
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