Laptop randomly shuts off

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Jul 30, 2012
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  1. I have an hip laptop and it randomly shuts off. I want to try to trouble shoot before I call it a lost cause. Referred to some great threads on here before so thought I'd give this forum a try. Thanks ahead of time for any help. I have an HP Pavilion dv6500. It randomly would shut off a few months ago, got better but started up again. When it shuts off its sudden like someone pulled the cord on it. After it shuts off I cannot get it to start for quite awhile afterward (20 minutes to 3 hrs if not longer). I can push the power button and the computer will attempt to start but will do the cold shutdown in the middle of startup. Sometimes it can get as far as the windows log on and then shutoff. The shutdown happens at all times, no pattern in my activity.

    The computer has some other issues, I can't run it without the power cord because the battery is dead (HP said its because I didn't take the battery out when I used the laptop plugged into the wall. Refuse to buy another battery if I can't get laptop to work). My 3 year old spilled milk on the keyboard and it was bad enough the milk came it the USB ports and battery slot on the bottom. Another issue is when I try to change the power battery settings, I can't change it past the lowest performance setting because the laptop overheats. It will shut down within minutes of changing setting. this seriously affects the performance since it has to run so low. But hey, it's a laptop and works for my basic net surfing and word processing. If it sounds like a lost cause let me know. If there's something I can try I appreciate the help.
  2. Ranger12

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    Wow, after spilling milk all the way through it I would consider myself fortunate that it still runs. To me it sounds like it is overheating. Laptops generally collect dust inside as they age and eventually develop cooling issues. I'm sure all the milk doesn't help. Have you tried opening it up and dusting it off with a can of compressed air?
  3. alexe3831

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    Overheating is definitely a possibility, and I had an issue similar to this on my Asus K52F laptop but it turned out on mine to be a different issue. Best of luck
  4. Tmagic650

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    The laptop should be opened up and cleaned throughout, especially where the dried milk is. The CPU's thermal pads, paste or fan needs to be serviced too
  5. klinkm

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    The first thing that springs to mind is Over heating, But try and remove all parts that are not necessary for the system to run, (battery, USB devices etc) and if you have more time The keyboard)) One one of the laptops I fixed It was the keyboard it self that was damaged and caused the laptop to shut down or generate all sorts of funny errors. (Redwine related).. unfortunately that specific keyboard was very expensive as a spare-part. So I just disconnected it ( to prevent it from sending random commands when ever it felt like it) and lent him a spare Bluetooth one I had laying around.. Good luck
  6. terry5880

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    Agrees with t magic def need to get some compressed air and service and clean the heater area and blow any dust out as dust probaly clogging the air vent also could do with maybe renewing the thermal paste on cpu

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