Leaked Intel roadmap shows its 10nm desktop CPUs won't arrive until 2022


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There was a period of a few months when ryzen 2 came out that it out sold Intel even to OEMs.

AMD might still be behind(in some areas) on the high end, but the price performance of their low end chips is absurdly better than Intel's. OEMs don't play fanboi, they play "we need to build the best product we can for as cheap as possible".
OEMs don't expect a product to save them, so their priorities are to keep good business connections with the biggest companies, in this case Intel and Nvidia, mostly intel, because no one likes doing business with Nvidia anyway. Even if AMD creates the perfect CPU, OEMs will keep selling more Intel systems for a while at least. If AMD can convince them that they can keep making better processors and TSMC can start making enough CPUs to cover the global demand, then things can start changing. Until then, it is an uphill battle for AMD.

For now AMD needs to offer two things with Zen 2. Better IPC, to convince gamers to change side, and much much better efficiency in laptops, to push OEMs to create more AMD based models.

P.S. In case people think that I am an Intel fan, my last Intel processor was a Celeron 333A. After that everything was AMD. I do have a couple of Intel systems, but I payed nothing for those. They where gifts.
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