Looking to change MoBO, what would you consider for 100-200 dollars

By rebs51 · 5 replies
Jan 15, 2006
  1. hey everyone, I am changing my mother board, I would like to beable to run dual video cards eventually. Is there 500DDR, and I would like to have 4 SATA ports, if not more. Best for playing the Everquest II(Intense Graphics) D and D online, Never winter nights. Etc. Motherboard has to support amd 64 athlon, 939 socket. thanks everyone
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    The "dfi lanparty ultra d " isn't sli capable, so it wouldn't be a good choice if you want the ability to add a second card. It has two pci-e x16 slots, but not for sli, I think it's to add a second video card in case you want to have 3-4 monitors.
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    my bad, thanks for pointing that out vnf4, ill have that removed asap :blackeye:
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    Thanks, how do you feel about the MSI Boards. I have one now, the K8T neo2. It only has two serial ata ports.
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