Malware attack still affects my computer in some ways after removing it.

I had adware on my computer, and after a long struggle, I removed it with MalwareBytes. After that, I still can't hear from my headphones, visit certain websites like antivirus, update my computer, and use Windows Search. FYI, I downloaded MalwareBytes thanks to cnet, nearly ALL antivirus sites are blocked.

How do I remove this? I can't work anymore on this computer, or listen to music. All malware seems to be removed though. Thanks! I'm a tech newbie and don't know if viruses can have so permanant damage.


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Even if you do remove it ...can you ever trust that it is truly gone? I would back up data, export your bookmarks. Take inventory of your programs that you need to reinstall and make sure you know your saved logins and passwords and just wipe it and fresh install Windows. It's so fast now to rebuild, why fight Malware of any kind.


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Clean reinstall is a great idea. Even if I don't get viruses I reinstall windows every now and then to get rid of any crap that I downloaded. It gives you something nice and clean to work with and you can reorganize. Just make sure your product key is linked to your Microsoft account. Otherwise you have to buy Windows again ;)
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