Monitor turns on sleep mode when connecting new computer on the VGA


TS Rookie
Hi. Bought a brand new computer with no OS or anything, only put together. Now I would like to get to BIOs to get an OS on it, but I can't get any access. The motherboard has integrated Ati Radeon HD 4200 card. Monitor is like 10 years old CRT. Could the problem be too high motherboard native resolution for the monitor? Computer does nearly nothing after turning on, only disc drive starts flashing (besides the obvious sounds of the vent and the on-light), no beeps or anything.


TS Guru
Firstly you don't need to go into bios to run the CD for the O.S, and no CRT monitors don't use very hight resolution but it sounds like a graphics card issue or the VGA cable is dodgy. Try plug your computer into a newer LCD/LED monitor and that should fix the issue.