Monsoon MH-505 Center Speaker Inop

By po55um
Nov 28, 2003
  1. System Specs:

    Windows XP Pro w/all updates
    Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum eX w/driver updates (as of today)
    Monsoon MH-505 Speakers
    Abit IC-7-G Motherboard


    I have selected 5.1 Speakers from the SB Speaker Settings. When I select "Channel" or "Noise" the system cycles through each speaker and all but center speaker works correctly. When the center speaker is suppost to be playing it emits an expreemly low sound and the subwoofer plays at the same time. When the subwoofer is suppost to play it works fine with no other speakers playing.

    Troubleshooting to date:

    - Fresh install of Windows XP will all patches and updates available.
    - Fresh install of Sound Blaster drivers and programs with all updates.
    - Triple check all wiring including replace each wire between card and subwoofer panel.
    - Plugged in headset to subwoofer/center (Line Out 3) and ran test. Center speaker plays through left and subwoofer through right with no crossover of sound.
    - Searched Sound Blaster Knowledge Base, no joy.
    - Tried to search Monsoon site but the only active link is to the automotive line of speakers.

    I'd like to know if anyone else is having a simular problem and any suggestions for what else to try.
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