has hijacked my home page

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After I did a fresh install of windows xp pro I cannot get msn to stop taking over my home page. Ive did the internet options route, ran spybot and ad aware etc. still changes right back to (as soon as I press use current, which it does, and close the box. If I open it right back up is back as the home page ). I only have a few programs installed they are Bit Defender, Zone alarm (not pro) spybot, ad aware and office. Thats pretty much it. Ive attached my hijack please help. Hope ive followed all the rules


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As a passing point, ditch IE and use Firefox or something else. You'll be much more secure.


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Bit Defender(licenced to microsoft) is probably using as a default page.
The following instructions are for MS Antispyware,look for something similar in Bit Defender.
Go to -
Advanced Tools–>Browser Hijack Restore, and highlight Start Page.
Click “Change restore settings to a new URL,” type in your normal home page, then click OK.

From now on, when Bit Defender blocks a home page hijacking, it will let you keep your own home page,
and won’t do a hijacking on its own.


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Uninstall Internet Explorer in start>settings>control panel>add or remove programs>add/remove windows components

Then Install firefox from (very good program, never had any problems with it)

Also if you are using some form of instant messenger, check that this is not setting the homepage as MSN.

Good luck, hope my reply helps,




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There is absolutely no need to try and uninstall IE. In any case all it would do would uninstall the current version, leaving whatever version of IE was previously on the Windows XP cd. This would be a security risk. You can`t actually uninstall IE altogether, as it`s integrated into the OS. Also, IE is required for Windows updates etc.

Just download and install Firefox, then only use IE for windows updates and the odd site that doesn`t support Firefox.

Regards Howard :)
Thanks for all your expert help!

Peddant: I cannot find an Advanced Tools–>Browser Hijack Restore anywhere in the controls could you please tell me where it might be? (what tab). Is bit defender really owned by Microsoft!!
Thanks in advance


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kansasduo said:
Is bit defender really owned by Microsoft!!
Thanks in advance
No.I was just testing your c*** recognition skills.

Microsoft has or had a licence deal with Bitdefender.MS atispyware used to insist on msn as the default homepage.
I was thinking the same might be true of the licenced Bitdefender.

No spyware would hijack your page to msn,so it must be Microsoft related methinks.
Getting rid of MSN home page.

I also did a clean install of XP and got the MSN home page. Here's the workaround. If you get the page in your browser as the one you want as your home page, you can then clck and drag the icon ( to the left of the address ) down to the task bar or desktop, or both. Now you have a shortcut to your own home page when IE opens. The down side to this is that if you want a new page, you will have to go to file and new window. Hope this helps.

A Real Fix

Hi I am not certified in computers but I do get through things by trial and error. I had my homepage hijacked by MSN today when I had to reload my OS because my hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. I looked at it when I would first select IE it looked like it was changing the registry the first time you started IE. What I did (after like the 4th time loading this OS, XP Pro), was after double clicking Explorer I quickly hit the stop (red X) on the top tool bar. Than I went to the page I wanted as my homepage (Google for me), and after it went there I went into options and did the normal stuff to set the home page. Its working for me now, and Google is my homepage. This is the thing though, I cannot change it to anything other than Google so Microsoft put some crap in there to burn in whatever page it first goes to (which for many would be MSN, the default). It makes the tools, options, home page section useless. Pretty crappy and I also downloaded before all the updates and it wouldn't let me install Yahoo messenger which I use to talk to my wife in the USA (I work overseas). This is a real crap bag, makes the novice like me hate more and more big brother Microsoft.
Messenger is old hat

Why use Messenger when you can download Skype for Free. Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. Kind regards. Phillip


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News Now said:
Why use Messenger when you can download Skype for Free. Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. Kind regards. Phillip

Maybe they like MSN Messenger Better, I have tried Skype and it crashed on me alot. and you can now make calls with MSN Messenger 8.0 now called Windows Live Messenger
I have been having the same issue with IE and MSN taking over my homepage on a freshly installed PC.

I have just worked out how to resolve this.

Boot into safemode and change the default home page.

Boot back into XP normally and it will have changed. However you still can't change it manually in normal mode!
Same Problem

I also had this problem, my hard drive crashed and I had to reinstall everything. I am using 2000 pro though. I did everything I could to stop msn from setting itself to the hamepage. I dont think this is any certain program doing it other than IE. I have only made it as far as installing office and IE right now. I just rebooted in safe mode and was able to change msn to what I wanted. After that I had no problem changing the homepage to anything.
Internet Explorer Your Final Goodbye? GJ MS

Good job Microsoft for alienating all those that loved the software.

I recently had to do a reinstall of XP Pro, and low and behold, yes, I can not change my home page to other than the crappy website that is MSN ( you would think a massive company would post a better website) . It has nothing to do with spyware, unless u want to call Microsoft spyware.

I have deleted all references to "Internet Explorer" and I have begun to be suspicious of all Mircrosoft updates.

Good job Microsoft! You have alienated your customer base.

Do you have "Live messenger"? this is Microsoft's new msn messenger program. I encountered this problem and found it was because when I installed LiveMessenger, there was an option to "keep msn as homepage" I'm not positive on how to fix it but I would guess you could uninstall then reinstall with that option unchecked..... good luck!
Norton Antivirus may cause it

I have been trying to resolve the same thing for over a month and have just discovered it this evening. The problem was Norton Antivirus!

If you go into Antivirus Options I found a menu tab called "Home Page Protection". One of the options under this was "Block all attempts to change my home page". It was checked. I unchecked it, still leaving the option to "Alert me when Norton Antivirus blocks an attempt to change my home."

The problem was resolved. I can now change my home page to anything I want. My guess is you've got something similar in one of your AV or spyware software checked. That's where I would look.

Good luck.
I had the same trouble with the worrisome msn homepage the last time I re-installed my windows program. I FINALLY discovered that the office 2003 was the cause of my problem. I uninstalled it, installed by old 2002 version and the problem was solved. I THEN installed excel and powerpoint ONLY from the 2003 disc. Mission accomplished!!
Finally fixed!

I was having the same issues after restoreing defaults in IE attempting to fix a Java compiling issue. The safe mode did NOT work. But DUH... it was my Norton Antivirus. I've had issues with that before. Not sure why I didn't start there. Now if only I could fix this darn issue with Java!!!!!


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haha u know, just use firefox or seamonkey. it's better and more secure and you can download add-ons to your browser to help protect your computer when you surf. just my opinion :) i can't be bothered using IE anymore because of the pop-ups appearing here and there.
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