multimedia audio controller driver missing

By dkd70
Feb 24, 2007
  1. I recently installed a new hard drive in my Hp Pavilion 752 and have no sound. In device manager I've got a yellow exclamation mark next to multimedia audio controller. I've got an onboard sound device enabled in bios. No sound card. I've got Imperial_GL motherboard. I attempted to download Realtec AC'97 driver from Realtec web. Still have problem. When I tried uninstalling controller and restarting, windows found new hardware and auto restarted over and over. HELLLP!!!!
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    Classic case of XP thinking it has the right driver, first off you need to locate correct driver, places like is a good place to start, once found just choose to update the driver from within windows, by going into device manager and double clicking the item with the yellow question mark and choose to update driver, you will need to force XP to look in the downloaded location then it should be a case of reboot and your done.

    Just so you know there are several version of the realtec driver, try googling the make of your board, ie "imperial_GL sound driver", failing that download Hirens bootdisk and use one of the many tools to identifty the sound chip correctly.

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    Thanks will try suggestions.
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