My computer might be infected with melware.

By neowing
Dec 26, 2007
  1. Hello ?
    My computer is getting slower recently.
    I think the melware is in my computer.
    I want to clean my computer and I have a problem with using combofix.
    Therefore, I used other program that the instruction suggested.

    AVG Antispyware is clean: No problem.
    Following is attachments:

    View attachment 27206

    View attachment 27207

    View attachment 27208

    Please help me to fix the problems.

    I have two problems:
    1 - Melware problem: which is this Message
    2 - BSOD: it is located in Windows OS

  2. Tedster

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  3. neowing

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    First of all, I know all people have something else to do in the vacation until 01/14/2008.
    But Could Anyone help me to solve the problem ?
    Or If I missed step, could anyone tell me what I am missing ?

    Sorry for this post, I will correct it as soon as possible if I made anyone uncomfortable.

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