Windows 7 My copy of Windows 7 isn't genuine, how do I fix this?


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It's probably important to include whether your copy of Windows is actually genuine or not.


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Additionally, by opening an elevated command prompt it is possible to re-activate using the following command.

C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs -rearm


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I fixed this issue on a friends laptop - with genuine Windows - by doing the following
open command prompt and run
if that doesn't fix the problem
go to add/remove programs
show windows updates
find and delete KB971033
windows update will reinstall the KB971033
In my case the KB971033 was the culprit. Windows was seen as genuine as it was genuine. Reinstalling KB971033 did not recreate the problem
I hope this works for you


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A big thank you gbhall for post #4, for pointing me in the right direction to finally solve this issue... months later!