My realtek is not showing up

I know this a common problem, but I've read multiple threads and sites on how to fix this. Realtek isn't showing up in my device manager, I've tried installing the realtek driver installer which hasn't helped. My audio sign has a speaker icon with a red cross. I'm trying to use a headset with a mic in it, if that helps at all. The headset works perfectly fine with everything else but not my pc. Please help.


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Download and run this driver from techspot. It is the driver I use, works great, and should fix your problem. If you need any help with the setup wizard, just ask, but it is really simple and should be easy to figure out. It will ask you to restart your PC at the end, and once you have done so you should have realtek drivers that work. Make sure you switch to that device and set it as default using the pop-up menu and the "Change system sounds" settings menu.