My toshiba laptop does not connet to internet

By asadsurg
Aug 21, 2006
  1. folks I have an interesting problem. I have toshiba laptop L25 S1192 with bulit in athers AR 5005 wireless card. It was working before but now it connects to the router with excellent signal strength , i can connect to my other home computers and transfer data easily but when i try to connect to internet it dones not connect ( it shows in lower bar of the browser " web site found" but screen stating 'web page not found' comes every time. I have tried every thing including disabling firewall, reinstalling drivers for the card, disabling wep key,changing wep key, changing channels, of router. Nothing has worked. However i can connect to internet with ethernet cable without difficulty.
    My other desk top connects to internet through the same router wirelessly without any difficulty ( no router problem ). I have actionteck router.
    Do in need to change the wireless card.
    I will be highly thankful if some one can help me.
  2. Tedster

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    check the other threads - I seem to remember a trick where you short a pin somewhere on toshibas.
  3. asadsurg

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    my problem is now solved. Here are the events

    - some coflict with dns server happened with the router ( Actiontech)
    - so i was able to connect to the router but not to the internet by wireless
    - i finally upgraded the firmware of the router -- which immediately solved the problem of wireless connection
    - although routers website spport page was suggesting for not doing firmware upgrade as this router was bought from verizon but not from the company directly
    - ( i have to return the newly ordered wireless card as the old card has started working now)
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