Need Help Networking two systems Please

By robertq
Mar 10, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I just received my second Dell system and I would like to Network them to transfer the data from old system to new system as my first priority.

    I know nothing about Networking & have no knowledge of DOS either just in case if it involves any DOS commands.

    Can somebody kindly give me a step by step instructions on how to network them together ?

    Both systems have LAN card on them ( 10/100 Ethernet )

    Somebody suggested a P2P cable so I do have that too if needed.

    Both have cable internet & separate IP addresses.

    The Specs of both systems are :

    Old System :

    P4 2.6 GHz ( Hyperthreading )

    512 MB DDR 400 MHz

    80 GB ATA HDD

    Win XP ( Pro ) SP2

    New System :

    P4 3.0 GHz ( Dual Core Processor )

    2 GB DDR2 ( 533 MHz )

    250 GB X 2 SATA Western Digital Cavier 7200 RPM

    Win XP ( Pro ) SP2

    Thank You
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  3. lydiate7

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    if you arn't going to use the other computer ...

    go get a hard drive storage container ... I have a wireless network and wanted to access mine wirelessly so I got NETDISK with NDAS (to connect to it wirelessly like mine you need to find on with the NAS feature - mine was $50 at FRY'S ELECTRONICS). installation was soooooooooo easy, no IP addressing or configureation - NO WIRES!

    you can hook it up using your usb 2.0 too, if you don't have a wireless network.

    totally recomend this one ... cheap and easy

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