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Mar 2, 2008
  1. I Recently bought an ATI Radeon x1800 GTO, and having some problems installing it. Heres what i did, I Opened my case placed it in the PCI-Express x16 and Pluged my PCI Express connector, Puted my case back on, Then pluged my Moniter to my graphics card. When i turned on my computer nothing happen its just a black screen, When i went to check my graphic card in my computer The fan was working and its connected (Theirs a light at top right hand corner of the Graphic card) Im sure its connected, And i have 585 Watts Power supply. Then when i installed the driver (Came with CD) Error: Setup unable to find etc../ Now i pluged my moniter into the normal spot. It didn't detect any video card, My motherboard is ASUS P5GC-MX and I have INTEL 82945G Express chipset. Can somebody please help me on Plugging my monitor to the graphics card. Sorry im a newb at this, ty.
    1 gig ram
    80 gb hard-drive
    1.6 ghz processor intel.
    Window XP Home Edition
  2. Matthew

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    The text I have in bold up there is a bit confusing. You went from saying you couldn't get any display with the new video card, to saying you were installing the drivers for the new video card, implying that you did have display.

    Lets start from the beginning. Take the x1800 out of your case and attach your monitor to the onboard video card. Try to boot up. Now, if you get display on the monitor, enter the BIOS by tapping the Delete key as you first power on your PC.

    When you make it into the BIOS, go to the "Advanced" tab and then the "Chipset" menu. Here, you'll see an option called "Boot Graphic Adapter Priority". If your new video card is of the PCI-E interface, set the "Boot Graphic Adapter Priority" to "PCI Express/Int-VGA". Save your settings and exit the BIOS.

    Power off your machine, physically install the x1800 and try to turn the PC on again with the monitor attached to it. If you make it into Windows, head into the Device Manager and uninstall the drivers for your old video card, and any drivers you currently have installed for the x1800, reboot. Now, install these drivers for your x1800 (the latest ones available through ATI).

    Everything should work properly after this...
  3. zTEK

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    Oh sorry, for the parts you bolded, i mean't to say that when i got the card, i connect it in the PCI-Express x16 slot and attached the monitor and all i got is a black screen and i did the BIOS option Advanced>Chipset>Boot Graphic Adapter Priority> PCI Express/Int-VGA & saved, and still a black screen, and when it didn't work, I Connected it to my onboard video card and tried installing the driver to the graphic card with out attaching the monitor to the x1800 and inserted the disc and installed but says Setup unable to find graphic card etc & It didn't reconize any video cards. I Followed your steps still didn't work for me, tyvm anyways. I think my gc is damaged or something else is effecting it.
  4. Matthew

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    If the Device Manager doesn't see the card when it's plugged in, it very well may be defective. Try it in another PC.
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