Need Previous Vista Driver for HP Deskjet F335 All-in-One Printer

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Mar 10, 2009
  1. Techies,

    I have a customer who has a problem. She had to re-install the full feature software package from HP for her Deskjet F335 All-in-One printer for Vista. The latest build has a bug in Vista and the printer driver does not install properly. Worse, Vista reports that it is installed but doesn't list it, so you cannot use the device driver "rollback" feature. This means we need to find a previous version of this driver but HP only lists the current build at their support web site.

    Anyone know of a site that has previous versions of printer drivers?

    -- Andy
  2. LookinAround

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    When you say "doesn't list it" you mean it's not appearing in device Manager? If yes, make sure it's connected and powered up. Windows (by default, and can be changed) but by default only displays devices that are presently connected
  3. kimsland

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    Microsoft Windows Vista HP Deskjet F335 All-in-One Printer

     Installation Instructions
       1. Click the Download only button.
          Note: Make sure the HP All-in-One device is "Not" connected to the computer before running the download file.
       2. Click the Run button to begin the download.
          Note: File is compressed and may take time to expand and run.
       3. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation process.
       4. Click Finish.
       5. Connect the USB cable between the HP All-in-One device and the computer, then turn on the HP All-in-One device.
       6. Your product should be ready to print.
    File name:
    AIO_CDB_Full_Non-Network_enu.exe, (1/1 , 163.07M)

    Or just use the autodetect from here: HP Drivers

    Check power on and USB connection secure
    Try different USB ports or confirm all USB Motherboard drivers are installed
    Test by replacing the USB 2.0 cable with a known working new cable

    Read: Uninstall the All-in-One Software in Windows

    This is only relevant for Windows XP => Communications Failure Patch
    Vista does not have a fault, but certainly all Microsoft Security Updates should be completed

    Oh, and I'd like to apologize now almcneil before your reply, because no doubt I got it all wrong! :p
  4. almcneil

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    Thx for your replies but I solved it already. I forgot to post back when I did. Turns out, I used the Vista online-search feature and it found a correct USB printer driver.

    LookinAround, intially Vista reported that the driver was successfully loaded but nothing would print and Device Manager did not list the printer. Now that's when I loaded the printer driver separately. If I tried to do it as part of the HP full feature installation, it would hang. That's how I determined that the problem was a bad device driver. Finding a previous one or updated one was the problem. HP could not provide me either and I was search online for a site. Then I remembered that Vista can do this and it found an updated one at the microsoft site.

    Kimsland, nothing wrong with your answer, it's just not the answer to my question. I was asking for a web site that contains printer drivers, in particular previous versions. Techspot has some but not previous versions. Although your answer is very detailed and correct in it's information, that wasn't what I was asking for.

    -- Andy
  5. kimsland

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    Oh yeah, No I don't know of any previous (old) not required drivers for that Printer

    But it should be noted that you should always use Manufacture drivers anyway If HP drivers are not updated (on their own support page), then it would be best to contact them immediately and let them know of this error (which I doubt exists)

    The error was that the motherboard USB drivers required updating (of which I stated) and you located them (just by chance) at Windows Update.

    I doubt that HP have got the wrong drivers displayed for Vista, so maybe don't call them, as they'll just refer you to a technician :p

    Good luck with future manufacture drivers, if it's any help (as I'm positive that it will be for you in particular) refer here for all manufacture drivers before searching around the web for alternatives: Driver links by manufacturer (being your first option in finding your drivers)
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