New Hercules Crystal Drivers

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Dec 31, 2002
  1. Hercules have posted new Drivers for the Fortissimo II series, GTXP series, Fortissimo III 7.1 & Digifire 7.1 under Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 & XP. Here's some of what's changed;
    Download Now from Hercules.
  2. well, these things just hosed my system...

    "Error loading hercplgs.dll
    A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed"

    I'm running Win2k service pack 3 and DirectX 9. I get a popup RUNDLL error every boot with the above quote, the sound card doesn't work, and re-installing 5.xx drivers doesn't work. Worst of all, my system beeps and de-selects the window I'm working with at random intervals every few seconds. Thanks, Hercules!
  3. Re: well, these things just hosed my system...

    I ended up finding a workaround, but it's really guess and check. In a few words, it's basically installing multiple different driver versions and using the device manager's "update driver" button to see which ones Windows likes the most. I'm hoping nobody else is having to put up with the same problems as me...
  4. I had the same problems as you with GFII and Win2k. I recall that disabling all sounds before installing the drivers helped, and remember to disable the onboard sound card if you have one. I would recommend you to upgrade to WinXP as I have had no problems whatsoever with the sound card (or any other hardware for that matter) while using it.
  5. You had a GeForce 2? Same here. I finally decided to just forget it and go for the version 5 drivers, but if disabling all sounds works, I'll give it a shot.
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