No Display After Inserting Video Card

By brunnobuddy
Aug 16, 2007
  1. B][/B]I am trying to install an old SIS 315E 32MB DDR PCI onto a Pentium 3 computor . Using Belarc Advisor the mother board is listed as a Gigabyte i810 1.3A . Bios is listed as : American Megatrends Inc 2.0 C . I have 512 MB mem installed . On the board is written GA 6WMM7 Rev 2.0 . It is actually in an old Packard Bell . It is running Win XP service pack 2 . This board has on board graphics and works ok connected to this , Intel 82810 . When i disconnect power , insert the pci graphics card , power back on and start the computor i have no display at all !. Not even BIOS !, no matter which display i connect the monitor to . When i switch off , remove the graphics card and reboot i have display again through the on board adapter . I have no motherboard user manual for this board . It does not have any toggle switches on it only a few jumpers . I also have an old 32mb nvidia card and when inserted , same problem . I know both cards work fine . I have connected them to a pentium 4 and an ASUS A8S-X . I have never struck this problem before , never to the stage of not even no bios display . I really hope some one can help me out here as i am trying to finish this setup for a family member who cant afford a comp . With this it will at leastdo all the basics . She also has children which is why i want the graphics card installed , though only small and basic , it will at least give some hardware acceleration and open gl for the kids to play some games . To my reckoning , its got to be a jumper setting or bios but i am flying blind here ! Looking forward to hearing from some one . Good to join the forum ! Thanks , Brunobuddy .
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