Build a PC No start after a power supply replacement

I had some intermittent shut downs before the power supply finally totally crapped out. I have an HP Pavillion. I first bought a 750 watt supply from Tiger direct, but it wouldn't fit in my case. BUT, I did hook it up and make sure that the computer started up and ran ok. It ran fine. NOW, to replace that, the only thing I could find that would fit was a 350W diablotek. My problem is this, Now, when I hit the power button, the power supply fan turns on, but nothing else. When I turn it off, a power surge spins the cooling fan and the cpu fan.
The side note would be that when I was putting in the power supply, the heat sinc was in the way. When I pulled it out, I didn't realize that the cpu came out with it. I jacked up the cpu when reinstalling the sinc. I bent some prongs. I have replaced it with the identical cpu and still have this problem. Any ideas??


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What was your power supply wattage that you replaced? Did you test to see if the Diablotech is functional, i.e. test it with a multimeter?


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Route 44 asked the right questions to see if the Diablotech might be too small or not functioning. You might also want to check out your requirements using the tools at the site listed below. Note that the issue is not just total wattage but also amperage on the 12v cicuit. So also check how many amps the old PSU provided on the 12v cicuit. It should be on a label on the PSU. The Diablotech has a very low 18amps of 12v current. See this review:

Back to checking your system. The free tool listed below will report your requirements for total wattage. You will see a link to a Pro version that for only a few dollars will also report the power requirments for the 12v circuit and may be money well spent.

Keep in mind that, depending on what you find from the above, there might be some other issue with your PC that contributed to the old PSU going bad, althought this is much less likely than one of the above issues.

Also you should be aware that PSUs lose a small amount of performance (maximum power) over time. The amount is not large so again it is a much less likely cause of problems, but something to keep in mind both with respect to your old PSU and the Diablotech.