Nvidia Geforce FX 5700 le 256mb vs. FX 6200 256mb

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Jan 21, 2008
  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some info about these two cards... I currently use the Fx 5700 le (agp) I do know the "LE" stands for light edition so it is not the best on performance. I have had this card for awhile and am able to run games such as Lock ON, Need for speed most wanted IL-2 Sturmovic, MS flight sim.. For the most part performance is ok. I bought a new card on E-bay today and was hoping to find out if I did the right thing. It is a FX 6200 256 mb AGP. It was new in the box, and I only paid $20 plus $7 for shipping so I figured I would try it. Does anyone know anything about this card???
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    I know the 6200 is one of the best PCI cards you can get, so yes, I'm sure you got a good deal. Actually a very good deal, in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the info, can't wait for the mail to get here!!!
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    I understand that your slot is AGP. Don't expect too much more from this card. It is still rated among entry level cards, but will show some improvement. Take some time to 'google' all the different features of different Graphics Cards. This will better help you to choose your nest card after you have gotten a PCI-E x16 equipped mobo. Look at the specs of the Nvidia 7800 GS AGP Graphics Card. Then compare to the specs to a 6200 FX. Good Luck.
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    Well the mail came today... Got the card in and was disapointed that my system rating went down... I had a 3.1 for Windows Vista aero expierance, and a 3.0 for gaming and 3-d buisnes graphics... I konw that I should not place too much reliance on this, but it was kind of a let down... You have to understand, a year ago I was homeless and addicted to drugs. Since then I have come a long way. I do not make big money and the system I have I built from scracp parts over months of time swaping out stuff and learning. I have been told by people that have been doing this stuff for 15 years that I know more than them. This makes me feel good. The mother board that I have now i actually removed and replaced all the capacitors on it. I am very proud of my setup and will as time goes by try to build the dream machine... That is or I should say almost impossible cause things are changing from day to day and as far as I am concerned I have my dream machine. I played my games and did notice a slight improvement and I am happy for that. I love this site and in the day that I have been a member I was able to help a few people out. To me that is what it is about... Thanks to everyone who answered and anyone that can suggest a good card for me to set a goal toward once I upgrade my MB, please reply... I am willing to spend about $175-$200????? Will this work?????
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