Often BSOD, computer crashing

By chunkiat17
Feb 25, 2012
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  1. Hello,
    my computer have been crashing and showing up BSOD very lately and may I ask if it could be due to RAM slots problem?

    My computer is Asus UL20A Series,
    Genuine Intel(R) CPU U2300 @1.2GHz 1.2GHz
    2GB Ram
    64-bit operating system
    Mobile IntelĀ® GS45 Express Chipset

    If anymore details of my com specs needs to be provided, pls tell me so.

    The reason why I think it could be due to a faulty RAM slot is because long time ago ( probably a year ago ) I found that my 2GB RAM was too slow for me, so I went to purchase another 2GB Ram ( Kingston KVR800D2S6/2G ) and installed into the computer. Nothing went wrong until recently, my computer started crashing very regularly and when I took out the external 2GB RAM that I bought, everything works fine and doesn't crash that often anymore. But still, my computer is still crashing very regularly even when the RAM is default.

    Could it be a faulty RAM slot or a spoilt graphics card?
    Please I need help as soon as possible as I have a very important project to rush out but yet each time the com crashes I couldn't continue on with my work.

    P.S : My computer crashes very often especially when I play the game 'League of Legends', and don't crash as much when I use to surf the net. I have already set all the game graphics to the lowest.
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    how old is this laptop? What OS? did it come with a 64bit OS or did you upgrade?

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