OS Commerce Newsletter Function

By iresfrank2
Sep 2, 2009
  1. I hope this is the correct forum for this. Forgive me if not. I am using a simple, no frills "newsletter" editor that comes built-in in my shopping cart software (which is OS COMMERCE).

    Like I said its no frills and my choices are only one: Sending the newsletter to everyone that has subscribed to my website.

    Today I created a simple HTML text I was asked by a professional trade association to market to my group. It includes an Image Ref, some bolding/font coding and that's it. Very basic!

    The image and bolding all appeared perfectly fine in "Preview Mode".

    Then when we pressed "Send" everyone received it in plain text which naturally
    lets you see all the html codes and looks aweful.

    I also noticed OUTLOOK (ver. 2003) would not let me "uncheck" the grayed out "Plain Text" box under tools.

    Is there something simple I'm overlooking that lets me view html fine in preview mode by my newsletter software --- but prevents it from being received as such by Outlook 2003?

    Unfortunately since its a cheap add on it comes with no help support.
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