pc crashes - not those normal circumstances

By hensan
Oct 23, 2006
  1. hi everyone, i really could use some help.. i formated (really don't know if this is the right term, my english is not the best, sorry) my pc and after that i just can't get it to work well..
    so here's what happens, i leave my pc on and leave it and when i come back it's always "frozen", i mean, it stops minutes after i leave.. i have a static image of my desktop and i can see by the time that the clock shows that it crashes awhile after i leave it. when i'm using it it works ok, but if e leave it it just crashes.. i've 'formated' it twice after that first happened and installed an antivirus first, than graphic card drivers and so on.. but it keeps happening..
    it's a bit old, a Pentium4 2.0Ghz 256MB Ram and a Gforce4 mx440 graphics card

    some sugestions i've recieved by friends and the ansers:
    i have the screensaver and all the power options set to none/never

    i reinstalled WinXP in the first place because i had a conflict between PowerDVD wich i installed, with the codecs i had installed or something, and that caused all players (windows media player, BSplayer, winamp player) to play filmes only on black and white.. but that was the only problem, everything else was working fine.. and now i have this problem :\

    btw, i also have tried to create a new account and leave the pc in that screen before choosing an account, after i had logged on with my own and get it working

    i really appreciate if anyone helps or suggests something, thank you
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    Install the XP CD and repair the install.

    Also run CHKDSK /R and see if these solutions resolve your issue.
  3. hensan

    hensan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can you explain this part "Also run CHKDSK /R" on terms that a noob would understand? 'cause i really am one :\

    and when i presse solutions it opens a window with hp products :S
  4. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    To run CHKDSK /R
    Start>Run and type in cmd. A black window will show up. Type in chkdsk /r. It will either run the program now, or ask you that it will need to run when you next restart. Press Yes if it does, then reboot your PC.

    He was refering to the windows repair or the chkdisk to see if it fixed it for you. the words with double lines under it are actualy just ads... :D

    Since you've reformated, have you installed all the latest drivers for your PC? Video, Audio, Motherboard etc...
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