Pc freezes after start up

By Mansha ยท 12 replies
Apr 17, 2011
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  1. Hi. I have a problem, my pc freezes after i turn it on and i cant do anything with it. Keyboard doesn't respond (it is connected via ps/2). I tried to take out hdd and it worked on other pc so i put new win7 on it cos i thought that os was a problem.
    please help. ( I can't get any other info about pc but mb)

    I have a picture of the screen,but can't upload it.
  2. Coodu

    Coodu TS Booster Posts: 173

    So you've formatted the machine with a fresh copy of Windows and it's still freezing? Was it freezing before you performed your format?

    If so, I'd be checking the HDD for faults in another computer using your drive manufacturer's provided diagnostic utility.

    Once you know there's nothing wrong with your HDD (That is it passes diagnostics) You can start isolating software. I'd check hardware first. :)
  3. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Have you tried starting it in safe mode, keep tapping the F8 key from the moment you turn it on and then select Safe Mode.

    You could also try removing all but one of your memory modules and try to boot, then if no change, try it with each memory stick in turn.

    Also, check all your internal connections and remove the graphics card (if you have one) clean the contacts with a soft pencil eraser (up and down the contacts not from side to side) and then reseat it.

    When you installed Windows 7 did you also install the chip set drivers, look in Device Manager from the Control Panel and see if there are any yellow warnings next to the list of hardware.

    As Norbur suggested a hard drive test would be a good idea, follow this guide:

  4. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes, it started when i took one other hdd and formated it through pc that is now a problem...i just connected the other hdd,and all went well ( ieven played wow after that :)), but after shut down it didnt want come start again and problems started (followed by recovery i made) but no use.
  5. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i can't use my keyboard. and i know its good cos it tested on other pc. tried booting with only 1 memory mod but it was the same. so ill do the hdd test first.
  6. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok...i just finished hdd test while it was connected to the other pc and it showed error/status code : 0223 and repaired it, or so it was written.

    This is what I found on theor site regarding the error code:

    223 - Errors Repaired - Errors found, but have been repaired successfully. There were media errors that were within the repair capabilities of diagnostic utility. The drive should now be defect free. Test complete -- Defect Free.

    after the test i connected it to its original pc and the problem remained. Nothing after first screen, keyboard doesn't works...i ran out of ideas.
  7. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Since this is my 5th post i will link the image of the screen I took :

  8. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Can you get your hands on a USB keyboard to see if that will respond. There is a possibility that your PS2 connection is faulty.

    Did you install the chipset drivers with the fresh install of Windows 7?

    When you tried to boot with just one memory stick did you then try with another one?
  9. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to connect the same keyboard over USB but no use.

    All drivers were instaled and updated and it worked for cca 5 months now without any problems.

    I have 2 memory sticks,tried them both.

    Asus P5GD1 PRO Motherboard

    edit: a friend gave mi his hdd to try to boot my pc with it but the same mistake occured, so now i know for sure that its not my hdd.
  10. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    I understand if you hit the Del key at start nothing happens, correct?

    What happens if you put the Windows 7 disk into the CD drive and then boot? If it boots from the disk and your keyboard responds try running a Repair/Upgrade install.

    If the boot order is set to Hard Drive first and you cannot get into the Bios to change the order(due to the keyboard not responding) it will not boot from the disc. With this in mind I would suggest removing the hard drive and then running a low level format on it using another PC. Then put the drive back in and try again to get into the Bios using the Del key. Then (if successful) reinstall Windows 7 and all the drivers.

    The error that the diagnostics found on your drive is a bit vague so may be the boot sector has been corrupted and/or the initial set of drivers that load at post (which includes the keyboard drivers) had somehow been damaged.

    If a fresh install still produces errors then I think it may be a fault on your mobo, or possibly your power supply.
  11. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the picture i took and uploaded is all I get from pc,no mather what i do or try...no diference if cd is in. It just doesn't respond to anything beyond that screen. I did try to boot other pc with that same hdd and it worked, and also tried to boot that 'broken' pc with another hdds and the mistake was there again.
  12. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Sorry to say, it sounds like your mobo has a fault, it may even be the CPU.

    There is only one other thing I can think off is that your Bios is corrupt or might have a virus (although very rare). You will need to flash the bios, look on the manufacturers site for instruction and the Bios download. Have you checked the CMOS battery?
  13. Mansha

    Mansha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok,ill try that today...well I did took it out and than returned in 2 times, because of monitor not wanting to start but nothing more.

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