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Jan 27, 2006
  1. Hey guys. I've been having stablity problems recently and I haven't been able to figure it out. I've been having memory errors, freezes, and the BSOD. I'm fairly confident that its not a driver problem, I actually reformatted my hard drive and did a fresh install on everything. I ran a memory test on it, and it came back with tons of errors, so I tryed new memory, ran the test again, and got the same errors. Just a few days ago I was looking threw my bios and I disabled a feature that automaticly selects your latency, and i set it myself to 3.0. Since then, I haven't seen any memory errors or BSOD, but I have had several random freezes, while playing games, while surfing the internet, anything. Heat is definitly not a problem, my CPU never exceeds 54c, case temp stays around 35-40c.

    I'm thinking there might be a problem with my power supply or motherboard. My AGP voltage is flucuating anywhere from around 1.80 to 2.90. After watching it for awhile I saw it get as low as 1.52 and as high as 2.95. I've been watching it with a program that came packaged with my soyo PV4TE motherboard, and I know those arnt usually that accurate, but this seems a little extreme to me. here is my other voltages...

    Vcore 1.34V
    +3.3V 2.6V
    +5V 5.75V
    +12V 12.09V
    DDR 2.57V
    AGP 1.52 - 2.95 (Constantly changing)

    Here is some system information
    Power Supply - 430W
    P4 3.0GHz Socket 478
    Soyo PV4TE with VIA PT800 chipset
    2 sticks of kingston 512MB DDR400
    ATi 9800 pro All in wonder

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. SkyHighWings

    SkyHighWings TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Looks like the BSOD is back :(
    It says


    then it runs a "memory dump"
  3. KingCody

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    what brand/model is your PSU?, if it is a piece of crap generic brand, then go get a new one anyways reguarless of whether or not the PSU is the culprit.

    but to find your problem, disconnect all your components except the PSU, CPU, 1 stick of RAM, and a HDD, boot up your comp and do normal things that caused the BSODs and reboots, if it works good, then add one component (starting with the 2nd stick of RAM), and repeat. do this for each component added, if it is a hardware problem, then by adding one component at a time, you will find out which component is causing the error
  4. SkyHighWings

    SkyHighWings TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks KingCody for the advice! I haven't had time to test everything out yet, I'll probably try it tomorrow. I'm kind of thinking its a problem with my motherboard or the PSU, or both. My PSU is not a good brand, it came with my really cheap case lol. I've been looking at new ones, thinking about getting an Aspire 520w. What do you think? have any suggestions?
  5. SkyHighWings

    SkyHighWings TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey just thought i'd update this incase anyone else was having similar problems. I tested everything as suggested, with everything removed i was still getting errors.. BSOD, memory errors, and graphic card errors. I replaced my power supply, 430w that came with my case to a 520w Aspire, and I replaced my soyo M/b with a Asus, and my problem is completely solved. Before, I was failing memtest and the prime 95 torcher test big time, but now everything passes. I've been running for about a week now pretty much non-stop gaming and i've had no problems.
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