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Problem when booting windows...?

Oct 19, 2007
  1. hi to all
    i have a problem, my windows xp prof. does not boot just a black screen stys there and nothing happens, i have tried all the "F8" function, from safe mode to last known good configuration
    next i have installed same windows xp on another partition which is on another HD so i ran it and it booted with no problems but still the old xp did not so i have accesed the windows folder from the new installed xp and everything was fine (i though that there migh be some damage to the HD but everything seemd to be OK) pls is there a way to fix my old xp on my computer without reinstalling everything (make the old xp boot again) i have precious data there , now when i turn on my pc i have to chose from two windows the old one and the new one the new one boots fine with no problems and works ok but when i choose to boot the old one the black screen occurs and nothing happens until i reboot the black screen appears just before the win logo should appear and start to boot

    pls help

    my configuration
    Intel motherboard(don't know which model)
    Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
    1 gig RAM
    2 HD one 40 gigs(old xp) other 160 gigs(new xp)
    ATI radeon 9550...
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