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Aug 23, 2009
  1. Hi,
    I've Intel D101ggc main board,
    Some days ago the sound was not proper, so i've uninstalled the drivers and reinstall... After rebooting, system is asking for audio drivers... so I again install the drivers but the problem still persist.
    I even formatted the system, considering this may be the problem of virus...

    Can anybody help me with this....

  2. raybay

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    Tell us more about "...sound is not proper..."

    You may have overdriven your audio, and permanently harmed the audio chip. In this case, you would need to disable your current audio in the device manager, and install a sound card that can handle loud volume.
  3. LookinAround

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  4. nileshsatpute

    nileshsatpute TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dear friend, I'd tried this option. but no good result i got...
    Please help me in some other way....

  5. LookinAround

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    Which version of Windows are you running and specifically what Service Pack level is it?

    See if Windows reports any problem devices
    • First make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
    • Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
    • Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
    • If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
  6. nileshsatpute

    nileshsatpute TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, Now i'll tell you some brief description about the problem.
    One day when i started machine sound was proper and i was listening to music but the sound was too loud so i went to volum controller and find out the sound i got was like maximum with only half progress bar.
    so, just for testing I increase the sound but that time sound was like crrrrrrrr someting like that. I thought this may be some normal problem of Windows so i just restarted the system but i found the same result. Then i uninstalled the driveres and reinstall with all proper procedures. After restarting the system the system pops up message saying new h/w is found, that h/w was sound driver....
    After that i have tried so many things, I even reinstall XP but not good result...

    Pleas help me...
  7. nileshsatpute

    nileshsatpute TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, Dear
    I've XP with service pack 2 just now installed.
    And in system configuration there are not error or any information about my sound drivers...

  8. nileshsatpute

    nileshsatpute TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Friends,
    Have you guys find any things that helps me...

  9. harami

    harami TS Rookie

  10. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    So right now, your issues is still missing drivers?

    First thing to do is run Windows update and install SP3. Also be sure to keep clicking Custom to install any hardware optional updates as well till it finally says no more updates
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