Problem with new graphics cards

I kinda regret buying a medion pc but its not bad, it just feels like the computer isnt fully yours.

With Medion pcs you CANT change the Cpu or GPU only what you can do is upgrade the ram. I wonder why its not possible, maybe because they want you to buy a better Medion pc for a higher price? Lol

And in Belgium, everything is expensive, you get horrible pc specs for a much higher price meanwhile in some other countries you get it way cheaper

My PC is decent but I regret not building my own PC
It's a MEDION P228D
-Gpu Nvidia gtx750ti (decent card)
Cpu intel I3-4160 (kinda weak)
and with 4gb of ram but I upgraded it to 8gb of ram

I payd 470 Euro's for the PC. I did researches and I dont think I could find a better PC for 470 Euros


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Changing the CPU is always going to be a risk so you want to be sure about that before you buy the computer. Upgrading the graphics card shouldn't be an issue. Upgrading the ram is usually a good idea. Medion have a reputation for using quality components. My 15 year old desktop still runs great but has little space inside so that does limit the choice of graphics cards.