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Problems running DUAL channel RAM

By Kizza
Nov 26, 2005
  1. Problems running DUAL channel

    Hi there, my computer only wants to run on single channel now.. previously it was working fine, and all of a sudden, with the same dual ram kit (512 kit) it just works on single channel. have tested all ram seperately, work fine, and work fine when both together in single channel. Could anyone tell me the cause or how to fix this? I am convinced it is not the RAM, and everything else seems fine. using Gigabyte GA 81G1000 pro G mobo, 2 x kingston 256 mb RAM kit. FSB 800 mobo with intel 865G chipset, suporting dual channel etc.
    mobo only year and a half old!!

    any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    regards, Kizza
  2. Alsep

    Alsep TS Rookie

    Problems running dual channel RAM.

    My problem is different. The video doesn’t work in a dual channel at all and if I run a program with two sticks of RAM 512 Mb in either channel- dual or single- the message says the computer is lacking memory. All this happens because of inefficient memory manager in Windows 98 SE. I still couldn’t find the solution so I’m about to upgrade to Windows XP. And that’s what I should’ve done long before. Reinstallation doesn’t help.
    Seems your problem is a serious one. The theory says:
    The RAM is usually controlled by the memory controller of the motherboard’s chipset, or, as is now also the case with the AMD Athlon 64 processors, by a memory controller built into the processor itself, which is capable of running DDR RAM in single mode (the standard Athlon 64 processors) and in dual channel (the Athlon 64 FX-51 processor). If the memory controller is built into the processor, the motherboard that runs the processor won’t have a memory controller in its chipset.
    The memory controller on a motherboard resides in a chip called the north bridge. To avoid compatibility problems it’s advisable to use two ordinary DDR modules of the same make and size. They don’t have to be special dual channel DDR RAM packs- it’s only a marketing ploy.
    I guess the problem is in either your memory sticks or in your chipset. In either case experiments might have damaged something. Try with another sticks of memory. If it still doesn’t work the chipset is faulty.
  3. WayneinFL

    WayneinFL TS Rookie

    A different dual channel problem

    System as configured is a P4 2.4 GHz, WinXP Pro running on an Asus P4S800D-X MB...well, trying to.
    When I attempt to add memory to the second set of slots, MB goes into dual channel, but Windows will not run. Either stop errors occur, or system reboots continuously. Memory is 4 identical sticks of OCZ DDR 512MB 3200- 400MHz (all with the same CAS latency). Both MB and RAM are new.

    In single channel mode, system works fine with up to 1 gig memory (2-512 sticks). Any addition to the second set of slots causes meltdown, BSOD, etc.

    Is there a problem with this MB that ASUS is not acknowledging (their tech support says it's the memory, or a driver...any problem except their MB. I've proven all is ok EXCEPT their MB...)

    Is there a way I can lock the MB into single channel (not through the BIOS, tried that) and use all the memory? ASUS "claims" that the MB is good for up to 4 gig of RAM. Not from what I see.

    Any ideas or comments appreciated.

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