Question about a failed back up attempt

By circusboy01
Sep 25, 2011
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  1. First. Apologies for ending my last Thread so abruptly. I meant no disrespect to anyone, and I thank you for the help you gave.

    Now to this thread. As some of you know I did a Boot Time Scan,and found some corrupted things. Well I thought I came up with a brilliant way to fix it. I put all my desktop icons on a Flashdrive. I have everything on my desktop.. Whenever I go to
    control Panel or Start menu to find something .I make desktop icons.
    I brought my computer back to factory settings. Then used my Flashdrive to put everything back on my desktop. To me it sounded fool proof. But, the icons didn't come out like they should. A lot of them looked like a page, or sheet of paper with
    a top corner curled over. I'm sure you've seen them.That wasn't so bad I could always change them. But, they didn't work.I'd click on one and I'd get " Path can't be found",or "Windows can't open."
    Everything's O.K. now I got everything back, by downloading most of them again.
    Here's my question. Can anyone tell me what Might have gone wrong/? Why the Icons wouldn't work when I put them back on the Desktop. From the Flashdrive.?

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