RADEON 9500 Overclocking

By vega
Aug 22, 2003
  1. I'm currently using the latest version of rivatuner in conjunction with my softmod radeon 9500 128 np and am currently happy with its performance but have one major bugbear - whenever I try to overclock using riva, I can only move the sliders marginally before image degredation sets in - I can only assume that the gfx cards cpu is more prone to error as its temperature is increased.
    My question is this - would fitting a more efficient cooling unit on the gfx card enable me to overclock with more success?
    Also, are gfx fans easy to replace?
  2. Steg

    Steg TS Rookie Posts: 269

    well - on all cards ive seen gfx fans are dead easy to replace - pince the little plastic pegs with a pliers and the fans just falls off - what do you mean by 'image defredation' - odd colour polygons? odd lines across the screen - that is the sign of overheating

  3. ---agissi---

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    Yes, your correct about the image degration due to high temps.

    Getting a better cooler will help reduce the GPUs temp, hence less image degration when operating at higher frequencys.

    Just make sure when you do get a new cooler, that it performs better then stock. No point in getting it if its on par with the stock cooler. Go read some reviews to find out which is best ;)

    Also, they are very easy to replace as Steg mentioned. You'll see how it comes off and goes back on just by looking at pictures in reviews.
  4. vega

    vega TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 147

    Knowing that gfx fans can be easily replaced is nought but good news for me - I just hope that the gfx fan is standardised - that is, it can be easily replaced with any of the many cooling units on sale.
    Sorry to press the point but I've one more question to ask - having never successfully o/clocked my card, can anyone tell me if the speed gained by overclocking is substantial enough to provide a 'real' and significant increase in performance?
    At the end of the day, if I do decide to upgrade the fan, I'd like to know that the end result is a DEFINITELY faster card.
    Thanks for the input.
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