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Radeon 9800SE and Geforce 5900XT battle at 205 Euros

By Julio Franco ยท 6 replies
Dec 13, 2003
  1. New graphics cards for the mainstream market are beginning to tip up in a variety of flavours, all aimed around the crucial 200 Euro mark.

    We just learned that Club 3D will ship a 256-bit DDR Radeon 9800SE with just four pipelines, as opposed to the normal eight. This card will be identical to the Radeon 9800PRO, also clocked at 380MHz core and 340MHz memory, save for its crippled pipelines.

    As for the Geforce FX 5900XT; this card will be clocked at 390MHz - just 10MHz less than the FX 5900 non-Ultra, with memory working at 350 times two. The regular version works at 800MHz.

    Read more: The Inquirer.
  2. werty316

    werty316 TS Rookie Posts: 185

    Are these really worth it? I don't think they are. I guess these are the low end of mid cards out there right?
  3. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    These are actually the high end of the mid range. They're basically just the high end cards with a few features taken out, like the pipelines in the 9800SE and the few MHz in the 5900XT.

    I would think they would be worth it for those who don't quite have the money for the high end version, but want something that offers near the performance. I'm sure the 9800SE can be softmodded to use those extra pipelines (As I did with my former 8500LE) and the 5900XT can be overclocked.
  4. werty316

    werty316 TS Rookie Posts: 185

    In that case I might retire my ti500 then
  5. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 7,597   +966

  6. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Ah yes, the 9700 Pro. Come to think of it that would be a good choice as well, as the 9800 really isn't a huge step over it I'm sure.
  7. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Looks to me like either of those cards would be a good choice for any serious gamer who doesn't feel the need for overkill. The price isn't bad either. They seem to be pretty closely matched and priced accordingly.
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