Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved

By hatman3345
Sep 10, 2009
  1. I would just like to revisit one of the posts from yesteryear:

    Entitled ''Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery'' I had a major problem with my HD discs after my motherboard blew.

    When I replaced my motherboard, due to the bios not being configured to know how my Raid 0 drives operated, I thought I'd lost it all - and so did everyone on these forums and my friends!

    BUT after a little use of common sense and hope, I got it all back and I did it all by myself!

    Here's the basics:

    1 I got a cheap IDE HD disc drive
    2 I stuck it into my motherboard as the master drive with my Raid 0 ones as they were in the raid slots (didn't matter which way round!)
    3 I installed Windows on the IDE drive
    4 I bought some software like Runtime Raid Reconstructor
    5 I ran that software
    6 It detected the Raid drives (even though windows couldn't)
    7 I asked it to perform a configuration test
    8 It completed the test and opened my drives!
    9 I used an external drive to remove all stored data off the Raid 0 drives
    10 I eventually removed the IDE drive and formatted the Raid 0 drives ready for a standard configuration and Windows Install
    11 I put all my files back on to the Raid drives from my external
    12 JOB DONE!!!!

    Now I ain't no tech head right BUT I understood that the concept of openning Raid drives in RAID 0 requires two bits of information:

    Block size
    Drive priority (ie which is first, second...)

    Any Raid reconstruction software will work out through trail and error what the configuration is of your drives so you can get your data off.

    This isn't a tech heads version of what to do but I was stuck for months last year thinking I'd lost it all. I of course won the battle and punched the air a fair number of times.

    Hope this helps any of you out there in the troblesome Raid 0 land!
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