Realtek microphone problem

By Haimati
Jul 14, 2010
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  1. Ok, so I recently got an Acer Aspire 7741z with Windows 7. My mic always sounds like it has a lot of static. With noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation, there is no static, but it becomes very garbled and hard to understand. It sounds like I'm underwater when I'm talking. Messing around with only having one or the other on just results in garbled speech and static. I also messed with the decibel boost. It makes me extremely quiet. Turning the volume up revealed just as much static as without the decible boost. I have the stereo mixer disabled, but I decided to go into the Realtek control panel. There seems to be no options anywhere on the entire computer to mute everything other than the mic for recording. I'm using the built-in mic, but I have tried two other mics as well (iMego headset and a webcam mic). All have the same static filled/garbled result. I went looking around on Google to find a solution, and noticed that everyone there had XP or a blue control panel for Realtek with has considerably more options. Is there any way for me to get this control panel for the driver I'm using (driver version codec ALC272X), or even another way to dull out the static without also making me hard to understand?
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    The audio driver and control panel software are probably bundled together. Try going to the Acer website to find and download the appropriate sound driver bundle. If you can find it (and you should be able to), be sure to go into Programs and Features to uninstall the old sound driver before installing the new one. Hopefully, the newest driver bundle will have a control panel with more options and clear up the garbled sound.
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    This did not work. It just installed the version I already had with the same control panel. Still horribly garbled and staticy.

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