"Remove disk and other media"

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Sep 21, 2003
  1. Hey,

    Has anyone ever come across the error "Remove disk and other media" on start up. I have upgraded my computer because I thought that I had somehow traced it to the motherboard(I was needing the upgrade anyway). But after installing new motherboard, cpu, RAM, hsf, I get the same error that I had before, "Remove disk and other media" press any key to restart. There are no disks in any drives, I also tried disconnecting all internal drives, except hdd, and still the same error. I even reformatted my hdd and reinstalled Windows XP pro, but nothing works. That is what lead me to believe it had to be something to do with the mobo. But, as I learned after the upgrade, that darn error followed me. I do not understand how I can be getting that same error after putting in the new hardware, and reformatting. But, regardless I cannot get past startup because of it. Can anyone help me, has anyone seen this before?? I really really need help with this one, I am going crazy!!:eek:

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  3. Jones

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    The reason I posted this thread was to gear the question specifically to the error "Remove disk and other media". That way I could hopefully get an answer specific to this particular problem. I probably should have separated the 2 problems from the other post in the first place. But, I guess I got a little carried away with the previous post. Sorry about that.

  4. alien16

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    Jones, I have the same annoying technical problem i cant even boot using a floppy disk. Ive tried switching the floppy drive to first boot position. I need help also it is driving me crazy also!
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    You guys aren't loading a special boot loader due to multiple O/S or large hard drive limitations, are you? Have you tried to remove all partitions via fdisk, recreate and reformat? Seems the prob is following you because of your drive.
  6. aoswife

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    I have a laptop doing the same thing. The original Drive a 20GB fried so i bought a new 60GB since I needed the extra space anyways. It WILL NOT load anything. It started with the "NTLDR" error and BestBuy formatted the drive for me to FAT32. Now it says "Remove media and press any key to restart" THERE IS NOTHING IN THE DRIVE! I am quite frankly ready to throw the laptop out the window. :mad:
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