Researchers hit the web to search for evidence of time travelers

Shawn Knight

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Researchers from Michigan Technological University recently hit the web to search for any traces of time travelers that may have come from the future to join our present-day world. Their findings are presented in a paper fittingly titled “Searching the...

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Get a book, it's time traveling information. This is the most you'll ever get, information from the past.


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Do not attend that university.

Unless someone can adequately explain how people are going to change space-time of the whole universe to match the past, it's nothing but lies.


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Even if they did come back they would never allow themselves to be discovered that's against the prime directive :p

Or maybe they travel back like the terminators do and only human tissue can make it so no gadgets or weaponary from the future????


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If this had any scientific relevance then they would have known that recent adverts on old websites is not something to follow up but someone wasting money on advertising space.

And if you went back in time and made a post or as I would call it social stamp, then to connect your future device to the internet in the past would mean your date and time would be altered to that time space date of the past AKA our current time occupied time space.

If their evident findings (that are stupid) are anything to go by then the human race has no future. and or we don't invent a time traveling device, to be honest probably just as well.


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No matter how stupid I feel it them to be, the best thing a time traveler to do, would be to go back and mine a pant load of bitcoins, then cash them in when they peak.

But this just goes to show you, how silly get rich quick schemes by traveling into the past to buy stock, win the lottery, buy diamonds, or whatever, really are.

OTOH, I feel comfortable in projecting that the R & D, plus construction costs of a time machine, would far outweigh any possible profits from the past. And then too, "currency" devalues over time.

Time travel does not exist because time does not exist
No, time exists. It's just very temporary.


OTOH, I feel comfortable in projecting that the R & D, plus construction costs of a time machine, would far outweigh any possible profits from the past. And then too, "currency" devalues over time.
Leveraged instruments + future price data = cost ≠ object


They were looking through the web in a search of intelligent life, and thought they found it - but they were wrong.


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Although the study didn’t turn up any evidence of time travel, the researchers say it is by no means proof that those from the future don’t exist
Isn't that the classic theists argument? It exists because you can't prove that it doesn't?


I claim myself as a time traveler, because I can move from past to the present time :D


"Time travel does not exist because time does not exist."

Both exist. Astronauts time travel due to the difference in gravity between the surface of our planet and where they orbit in space. It's not a huge difference, though. If im not mistaken, the furthest anyone we know of for certain has time traveled is somewhere around less than a second. It's still time. It's still time travel. The closer you can get to the speed of light, the more you travel through time. The more you stay in an area of dense gravity, the more you travel through time. These are two ways we are CERTAIN time travel is possible. whether or not it can be practical remains to be discovered.


I guess you could say that astronaut traveled in time less than we did. Briefly.


God this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, I can't believe people actually invested time in this. Only dragons can time-travel, but we killed them all - everybody knows that


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Wow, what a waste of time haha. If there were time travels, I can imagine they would be trillionares and much like Back to the future 2, completely destroyed the economy and life in the process of attaining infinite wealth and power due to their infinite knowledge.


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This sounds like the first chapter from Orson Scott Card's "Pastwatch: The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus". If you haven't read it yet or if you thought "Ender's Game" was good, wait till you get a load of this one, the best Sci Fi/Time Travel Novel ever written.


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I believe that time travel hasn't been invented in the future but very well maybe and let me explain.

1. People say that your future hasn't been wrote yet which is probably correct BUT if someone could travel back in time and meet someone in the past they would be from THEIR future meaning your future HAS been wrote this is why I believe time travel hasn't been invented "yet".

My theory though is that time travel will kind of work like stargate. Someone at some point in the future will invent a gate that allows others who have built such a gate to travel between gates. So in 2300 a gate is built and in 2400 another gate is built and you can simily step through from 2400 to 2300 and back again?