Drivers Reviews of ATI 3.4 CATs vs 3.2

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I just did some in-game tests on the new 3.4 Catalyst drivers versus the 3.2 drivers.

Game: Battlefield 1942
Resolution: 1024x768
Settings: Graphics set at MAX w/everything ON

3.4 CATs
-/+ 55-60 FPS in-game MAP
-/+ 35-45 FPS in-game play

I also tested the 3.2 CATs. Both drivers show no noticeable
FPS improvements over each other.

Has anyone else done any tests of their own? (TS members, not review websites).


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I'll try to do a comparison on sunday/monday...
But tomorrows our national day, and there's just too much to do to get ready...
(Fix parents house, fix my flat, buy clothes, pick up clothes from cleaners, write a letter to a newspaper (I'm under orders to do it today))
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