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By doemaaan
Feb 21, 2014
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  1. I give up. I've been searching for a solution for 3 days with no avail. It all started with one simple issue. I was looking for a way to add the "Folder" command that's in the "New" submenu (within the context menu), to the beginning of the context menu. As soon as I right click, I want "Folder" at the top of the first menu. No submenus. Is that so hard?

    I've downloaded several software apps that gave me the abilities to tweak, add, remove, disable and enable options in the context menu, but I can't seem to accomplish what I originally set out for. Then I downloaded the free trial version of Right Click Enhancer Professional because it says it can add commands to the start of the context menu... and while it does do that, I can't seem to add a "New Folder" command.
    On a side note, is there ANY way to permanently edit the list of commands in the "Sort By" submenu? When I'm in a folder and I right click in the open space, "Sort By" gives me the following commands. "Name, Date, Type, Size, Length." I have the option to add "More...", but after a short while, whatever I added and/or deleted reverts back to the original five. Specifically, I keep adding "Date Created" to that submenu. What'd be great is if I can have "Date Created" at the beginning of the context menu as well. Right underneath my desired "Folder" command.

    Please tell me there's someone out there who can help me.

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