Seeking Help with Annoying glitch in Open Canvas

By Sir_Lancelot
Feb 16, 2007
  1. Im having an issue with the program Open Canvas 1.1-b72 This is the last free version of the software made before they started charging for it.

    ANyway the issue is when I go to start an oC session with someone so we can both draw in the program the message window box glitches and I cannot Move it or close it and it covers a good portion of the drawing window making it a pain in the *** to enjoy the program, ANYONE whos familiar with oC and his problem please give me a reply as to how I might resolve it
  2. KyubiVash

    KyubiVash TS Rookie

    I have this exact same problem, I have been trying everything I can to fix it. It doesn't seem to stem from a compatibility problem with other programs as far as I can tell. Any help would be great.
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