Shipments of Resident Evil 2 remake exceed four million units worldwide

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Capcom on Wednesday announced that shipments of the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC have topped four million units worldwide.

Resident Evil 2 arrived on the original PlayStation in 1998. A sequel to the 1996 classic that started it all, the game went on to sell a total of 4.96 million units, making it the fourth best-selling game in the franchise.

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 dropped to much fanfare on January 25. That means that in just one month, Capcom managed to ship nearly 80 percent of the original’s cumulative lifetime sales. Very impressive, especially considering some of the criticism the company received over its time-limited demo.

Capcom on February 15 released the game’s first batch of free DLC. These “what if” stories, collectively titled Ghost Survivors, explore the alternate fates of three unfortunate individuals that never made it out of the city. Can you help them have a better ending?

Looking ahead, Capcom is bringing three Resident Evil classics – Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 – to the Nintendo Switch on May 21. There’s also a Resident Evil series in the works from Netflix that surely aims to piggyback on the recent success of zombie-themed shows like The Walking Dead.

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Well deserved. One of the few remakes done right. Pretty sure RE3 remake is imminent.

Capcom should also bring back Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, & Clock Tower games while they're at it.