Sitting at Java 'loading' screen forever

By kcking
Sep 22, 2009
  1. I have been able to get certain pages to load through IE or Firefox. It usually occurs when i try to search or enter username/password within a site. The sites load up just fine, but when I enter info and click on submit/login/search the Java 'loading' animation comes up but the page will never load.
    Some examples of this are when searching on and entering username/password on Also receive this problem when i click on 'edit' on this site.
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    1. Verify your Java JRE is current. The level of your installed Java is shown and if it is not current, you will get the first two lines like

      Your Java is working
      Java Update Is Available

      and test that your plugin is operative. This sample creates an analogue clock in the upper left of a window.

    2. Java is not that prevelant and certainly not a requirement to EDIT anything on this site. Recommend you clear your browser cache, delete all cookies, quit and restart Firefox and retest the EDIT.
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    Thank you all for your replies

    Preformed a Windows Repair off Install CD for an issue i posted under 'Virus & Malware removal' and it fixed this issue as well
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